Dec 6

How to multiply 2 digit numbers numbers up to 100 – the fast way!
Using this method you will be able to multiply any pair of two digit numbers faster than a calculator! Become a math genius in no time at all!

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Dec 5

The original steps are 1.To find the LCD(least common denominator) 2.Multiply both sides by the LCD 3.Simplify and 4.Solve. I have trouble multiplying and simplifying polynomials and trinomials. I tried one problem using cross multiplication and it worked but I don’t know if this is an absolute way to solve the equations. Please help if you understand this? >.< No rude comments please

Right, so you need to be able to solve, for example, x/12-1/3+1/2x=0. It makes things easier if we multiply up both sides of the equation to get rid of the fractions (although it’s not strictly necessary to do so). The least common denominator is just the smallest number (or algebraic expression, as in this case) we can use to achieve this. In any case, multiplying both sides by all of the product of the denominators will do fine as well. In this case, that would mean multiplying both sides by 36x (=12*3*x). However, 12x will be the LCD. If we use this, the equation becomes 12x(x/12-1/3+1/x)=0 and this simplifies to x^2-4x+12=0, which can be solved by factorisation.

The only problem with cross multiplication arises when we have a variable in the denominator and an inequality. This is because if we multiply by the variable (eg x, as in the equation mentioned) we don’t know whether we are multiplying by a positive or a negative number. As far as I know, we then have to consider both possibilities separately.

So if we have x/12-1/3+1/x<0, then, assuming x is positive, 12x(x/12-1/3+1/x)<0 and x^2-4x+12<0. After factorising the left hand side, we know that we must have one positive and one negative factor in order to get the required negative value and this is only possible when -2<x<6. But since this is based on the assumption that x is positive, we can only infer that 0<x<6 satisfies the inequality.

Assuming instead that x is negative gives us 12x(x/12-1/3+1/x)>0 (because the greater of the two sides will (in any case) have become the lesser after we multiply both by a negative number), so that x^2-4x+12>0. This leads to the factors having to have the same sign, which is only possible when x>6 or x<-2. But like before, since we assumed that x was negative (this time) we can only infer that x<-2 satisfies the inequality (ie, is true given that the inequality is true).

The final possibility to consider is that x is zero, but since this results in 1/0 within the left hand side of the original inequality, is cannot satisfy it. Hence, we can conclude that either 0<x<6 or x<-2.

Dec 4

How to multiply 2 digit numbers numbers up to 100 – calculating the fast way!
Using this method you will be able to multiply any pair of two digit numbers with each other – faster than a calculator! Become a math genius in no time at all using vedic math!

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Dec 4

Interactive Quiz is the best way to learn Math and English!

Kids love to learn everything in a fun way that gives happiness! Quiz is always great fun, and also the best way to learn Multiplication Tables which create solid base for Math!

ZippyToons brings you nursery rhymes, Aesop’s fables, stories, kids songs, Christmas carols, education and learning videos. New videos are uploaded on a regular schedule.

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Here is | 2 Times Table Quiz -6 To 10 | Tutorial

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Dec 3

I know mostly they make you learn up to 12 but would 20 or 100 be more useful? What number would be the best to learn up to so that I could do quick math in my head but so that it’s not useless?

*12 should be sufficient*

Dec 3

I am going to be assessed at this Healthy Minds place a month after Xmas & wanted to know if I could have it. I have little signs like oversleeping in the daytime & barely going out the house. I couldn’t write until I was 7 or 8, until I noticed that my teacher was making me write with my right hand when I’m left handed. I struggle with things like telling the time on clocks and bus timestables.

My mom has something similar to Schizophrenia so that’s why I’m asking.
I’ve never attended secondary school either & was home schooled.

That does not really sound like schizophrenia.

What does your mom have? Schizoaffective disorder?

The diagnosis for your description could be a great many different things, or it could be nothing. Perhaps you have dyslexia, which is a learning disability resultant from a reduced capacity to recognize or properly organize symbols. Dyslexia is most often characterized by difficulty reading and writing.

Dec 3

5 TIMES TABLES MULTIPLICATION FUN TO WATCH & EASY to LEARN and REMEMBER” These videos are fantastic!! I homeschool my 3 children. I bought these videos because they give a visual along with the audio. My children are visual learners. These videos made it so much easier for them to learn their multiplication. It also made it where is was not cumbersome to learn the facts. The company that made and sells these videos is top notch! They really strive on customer service. I definitely recommend these videos!” Barbara Brown
Song download with free time table worksheets from
Check out Love to Sing songs on iTunes:

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Dec 1

Hello everyone! My name is Giulia and I’m travelling to New York next July/August to improve my English! I would like to ask if anyone knows details about travelling from JFK Airport to Times Square… I mean, how much is it? Are there timetables? Is there a website with maps and explanations? What if I arrive at Newark International Airport? Will it be easier? Thank you very much!

Of course, there are timestable for Metropolitan Transportation Authority which handles Subway, Bus, Staten Island Railway, Metro-North and Long Island Railroads. It also handles Long Island Bus.
However subways and buses never on time.
Subway, buses, Staten Island Railway, Long Island Bus, Roosevelt Island Tramway, and WCDOT Bee-Line Buses are $2.25, premier express buses $5.50 and Bee-Line BxM4C are $7.50 one way.
JFK Airport to Times Square.
Quickest way to slow way.
Option 1: Airtrain JFK/Long Island Railroad.
Step 1: Take Airtrain Jamaica to Jamaica Station.
Step 2: Look for green LIRR Ticket Vending Machine and purchase $5 MetroCard with Jamaica to Penn Station for $8.75 peak, 6.25 off-peak, $3.75 Weekend CityTicket. $5 to exit system.
Step 3: Take westbound LIRR to Penn Station.
Step 4: Once at Penn Station, go to MetroCard Vending Machine at 7th Av Subway Station in refill a MetroCard to $2.25. Or depends how long you spend, you have buy seperate Unlimited MetroCard because you cannot refill Unlimited MetroCard on regular MetroCard.

Option 2: Airtrain JFK/Subway:
Step 1: Take Airtrain Jamaica to Jamaica Station. Get $5 MetroCard to exit system.
Step 2: Go downstairs to Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av subway station. If you’re staying longer, purchase Unlimited MetroCard.
Step 3: Take Manhattan-bound (E) express to 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal, which is connected to Times Square Station.
Please note during late night, when (R) only operates as Brooklyn Shuttle, (E) runs local for entire length after 11:30pm.

Newark Airport to Times Square.
Faster way to slow way:
Please note $5 surcharge occurs on onboard New Jersey Transit commuter trains when ticket machine is working or ticket windows are opened.
Option 1: Via Airtrain Newark/NJ Transit Train
Step 1: At you terminals, look for orange New Jersey Transit Ticket Vending Machine and purchase $15 one way ticket to New York Penn Station. You need to hold onto it because $5.50 AirTrain fee is enconded in this ticket.
Step 2: Take Airtrain Newark to Newark Liberty International Airport Station.
Step 3: Take New Jersey Transit’s inbound Northeast Corridor or North Jersey Coast Line to Penn Station.
Step 4: Then transfer to NYC Subway uptown (1)(2)(3) to Times Sq-42nd St. It’s best if you buy Unlimited MetroCard at subway station if you’re staying longer.

Option 2: Via Bus/PATH:
Step 1: Look for New Jersey Transit #62 bus stop outside your terminal. Make sure destination goes to Newark Penn Station. Why? Perth Amboy-bound bus also shares stop. New Jersey Transit Buses are based on fare zone.
Step 2: Paid $1.50 one-zone fare to ride to Newark Penn Station.
Step 3: Purchase $1.75 Single Ride PATH MetroCard to enter PATH train.
Step 4: Take World Trade Center train to World Trade Center.
Step 5: Once at World Trade Center, follow sign to (A)(C)(E)(1)(2)(3) Complex at Chambers St-World Trade Center-Park Place.
Step 6: Buy Unlimited MetroCard if you’re staying longer.
Step 7: Take uptown (A) express, (C)(E) local to 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Option 3: GoBus28/Newark City Subway Lightrail/New Jersey Transit
Please note GoBus#28 is express version of #28 Local bus and this special bus you MUST EXIT AT REAR DOOR. For your convience, there is luggage rack by front door.
Step 1: Outside ground level, look for GoBus#28 Bus Shelter and wait for GoBus#28 heading to Bloomfield Station via Broad Street Station, not via University Heights.
Step 2: Paid $2.20 ($1.50 one-zone plus 70 cent fee transfer) to purchase transfer.
Step 3: Take GoBus#28 via Broad St to Broad St Station.
Step 4: Cross street to Broad St Station and Newark City Lightrail to Newark Penn Station. Transfer slip are consider proof-of-payment and New Jersey Transit law enforcement officer will check your ticket or transfer to see you have valid ticket.
Step 5: Then look for NJ Transit Ticket Vending Machine and purchase one way ticket to New York Penn Station $5 and take inbound Northeast Corridor or North Jersey Coast Line to New York Penn Station.
Step 6: Once at Penn Station, purchase Unlimited MetroCard at subway station and take uptown (1)(2)(3) to Times Sq-42nd St.
Official Port Authority of NY & NJ
PATH train Port Authority TransHudson
AirTrain JFK

Long Island Railroad
Subway Map and Service Guideline

Dec 1

Hello guys, in January 2013 I will have to miss two weeks of school due to family issues back in my country.

I am going into year 11 and I am worried i will miss tests/exams in January 2013.

If you guys could tell me if you have exams in january and please me specific by dates!

I live in the London area.

Your school is able to give you that information./

Nov 29

presently i dont do much with my kids at home as far as making them do more educational work at home. Of course we do homework together and i motivate and encourage them and they are all doing well. I just think that they could do more qnd i would like to help them. I would just like to have an idea of where i should start ad what sort of programme i should have? I really need some advice and ideas. I mean do i do stuff even before breakfast? Please help.

Many many thanks

My kids are 6 year old boy, 8 year old boy and girl, 13 year old boy. i also have four others but they have all left shcool and three are in college and my eldest son is a prosthetic engineer.


When I first read your question I thought you were home educating. I now think they are at school and you are the supportive parent all we teachers hope for!! Are they primary age (11 and under?)

Giving them a quiet time and place to do their homework is great, be there to give assistance should they ask for it. It is best to have them explain to you what they should be doing and how, this often clears their minds and they can then progress. If they cannot explain it maybe that the teacher has not been clear in their expectations or they are not listening- usually the latter!! It is also great to be interested to see their h/work and give praise for work well done. It is better to support what they have done rather than try and get them to change anything, as far as they are concerned they have finished and they have at least done it, leave it to the teacher to correct the mistakes, they should talk to you if they think there is a problem.

As for educating them:

-read to them, with them, hear them read, ask questions about what they have read. What are characters like, how are they feeling, what do they think will happen next, why do they th-nk the author wrote in such a way etc- adjust for age.

-maths- the best way to help here is to get them using numbers in real life. Cook wit them – they can measure the quantities, great for fractions. Distances, time, money etc. Keep it all real, maths makes much more sense when it has a real context. AND NEVER CALL IT MATHS!!!! Just ask them to help you. The only thing worth practising is rehearsing timestables- 1 to 10 times 1 to 10.

Trips to museums can help for other subjects, science museums are often good if your science knowledge is not up to scratch. If it is then devise experiments to demonstrate what they are learnng in class- the internet is a great source of ideas for this.

Whatever you do, don’t let on it is school work if you can avoid it. And don’t feel like they have to do it everyday or finish. I set Maths h/work every week for a class of 9 to 11 year olds. If it is taking more than 20/25 mins then they have done enough, finished or not. The last thing you want is for home to feel like school to a child. And have fun- play is still one of the best ways to learn, be it cooking or whatever.

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