Dec 4

Interactive Quiz is the best way to learn Math and English!

Kids love to learn everything in a fun way that gives happiness! Quiz is always great fun, and also the best way to learn Multiplication Tables which create solid base for Math!

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Here is | 2 Times Table Quiz -6 To 10 | Tutorial

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Dec 3

I am going to be assessed at this Healthy Minds place a month after Xmas & wanted to know if I could have it. I have little signs like oversleeping in the daytime & barely going out the house. I couldn’t write until I was 7 or 8, until I noticed that my teacher was making me write with my right hand when I’m left handed. I struggle with things like telling the time on clocks and bus timestables.

My mom has something similar to Schizophrenia so that’s why I’m asking.
I’ve never attended secondary school either & was home schooled.

That does not really sound like schizophrenia.

What does your mom have? Schizoaffective disorder?

The diagnosis for your description could be a great many different things, or it could be nothing. Perhaps you have dyslexia, which is a learning disability resultant from a reduced capacity to recognize or properly organize symbols. Dyslexia is most often characterized by difficulty reading and writing.

Dec 3

5 TIMES TABLES MULTIPLICATION FUN TO WATCH & EASY to LEARN and REMEMBER” These videos are fantastic!! I homeschool my 3 children. I bought these videos because they give a visual along with the audio. My children are visual learners. These videos made it so much easier for them to learn their multiplication. It also made it where is was not cumbersome to learn the facts. The company that made and sells these videos is top notch! They really strive on customer service. I definitely recommend these videos!” Barbara Brown
Song download with free time table worksheets from
Check out Love to Sing songs on iTunes:

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Nov 29

presently i dont do much with my kids at home as far as making them do more educational work at home. Of course we do homework together and i motivate and encourage them and they are all doing well. I just think that they could do more qnd i would like to help them. I would just like to have an idea of where i should start ad what sort of programme i should have? I really need some advice and ideas. I mean do i do stuff even before breakfast? Please help.

Many many thanks

My kids are 6 year old boy, 8 year old boy and girl, 13 year old boy. i also have four others but they have all left shcool and three are in college and my eldest son is a prosthetic engineer.


When I first read your question I thought you were home educating. I now think they are at school and you are the supportive parent all we teachers hope for!! Are they primary age (11 and under?)

Giving them a quiet time and place to do their homework is great, be there to give assistance should they ask for it. It is best to have them explain to you what they should be doing and how, this often clears their minds and they can then progress. If they cannot explain it maybe that the teacher has not been clear in their expectations or they are not listening- usually the latter!! It is also great to be interested to see their h/work and give praise for work well done. It is better to support what they have done rather than try and get them to change anything, as far as they are concerned they have finished and they have at least done it, leave it to the teacher to correct the mistakes, they should talk to you if they think there is a problem.

As for educating them:

-read to them, with them, hear them read, ask questions about what they have read. What are characters like, how are they feeling, what do they think will happen next, why do they th-nk the author wrote in such a way etc- adjust for age.

-maths- the best way to help here is to get them using numbers in real life. Cook wit them – they can measure the quantities, great for fractions. Distances, time, money etc. Keep it all real, maths makes much more sense when it has a real context. AND NEVER CALL IT MATHS!!!! Just ask them to help you. The only thing worth practising is rehearsing timestables- 1 to 10 times 1 to 10.

Trips to museums can help for other subjects, science museums are often good if your science knowledge is not up to scratch. If it is then devise experiments to demonstrate what they are learnng in class- the internet is a great source of ideas for this.

Whatever you do, don’t let on it is school work if you can avoid it. And don’t feel like they have to do it everyday or finish. I set Maths h/work every week for a class of 9 to 11 year olds. If it is taking more than 20/25 mins then they have done enough, finished or not. The last thing you want is for home to feel like school to a child. And have fun- play is still one of the best ways to learn, be it cooking or whatever.

Nov 29

I got like 23 out of 62 in a maths tets. I’m in 7th grade by the way. Please help! I know it’s a bad score and i don’t know what to say to my parents coz they’ll be like….really mad!! and the worst thing is i revised for like 5 hours a day. also, will it affect anythign in my future school life? i know it will mean i won’t get in the top set but will affect me in like…grade 10?
I was also wondering if there are any good revision sites apart fromm

Okay, so you got 23 out of 62…this doesn’t mean you’re "stupid" at math, it probably just means that there is a concept you missed or don’t understand and it is affecting your ability to do the work. You do have some options, and following through with finding out about these options might help when you do break the news to your parents. That’s never something fun to do, but we’ve all been there.

First, is your teacher a likable, approachable person? Can you talk to the teacher about where the glitch is? Often, a teacher can look at the problems you’re missing and be able to analyze the problem like, "Hey, this shows that you don’t understand fractions very well–that’s why you’re having trouble with this pre-algebra." or, "The issue here is that you have got to memorize your timestables…it’s still affecting your work.

Math is one of those subjects that continues to build on each year…whether you learn something now in math can impact how well you do in later years in math. So you’re right to ask the question and it would be smart of you to get it taken care of now, if possible. For instance, fractions DO impact both Algebra and Algebra II. And you need those maths in order to move on to Calculus and Trig…they build upon each other.

There are programs out there that can test you and then decipher exactly where the real issues are and why you’re not understanding things. For instance, Sylvan Learning Center starts by testing you (probably the other learning centers do, too) and then they focus on just the areas that you don’t understand…it’s like filling in the gaps. And it’s amazing, because once you have those gaps filled in, it makes more sense when you’re trying to follow what your math teacher is tlaking about.

Those learning centers often offer specials during summer months, and they are only one or two hours a day. I know that probably sounds like an awful way to spend your dummer, but it might be worth it. Another option is to find a college student to help tutor you on what you missed this year. That could have you even better prepared for next year than your peers.

As far as talking about this to your parents…my best advice is to just bite the bullet–be honest, and let them know you’re ashamed and concerned and you want to do better…and you’re willing to work to bring your grades up.

Best of luck!

Nov 27

Ok. So when I was in year 7 (7th grade) I went to a really good girls school. English is not my first language, and I know it still wasn’t very good but no one has offered me additional English. What happens in my school is that in year 7 you do french and in year 8,9,etc you do french and german. I was getting on pretty well with french and english (sorry, no capital letters because my fingers hurt today). at the end of year 8 i left because my mom has found a job in a different place. i was supposed to go to a mixed school. I have never been to a mixed secondary school (hs I think) before so i had no idea it’ll be this bad. we only had french there (year 8 already) but the kids were behaving so badly we didn’t have any lessons.I did my Polish GCSE (GCSEs are like final exams for subjects, you do them in year 11). It went like this for a whole year until we moved back to where we lived before, and i came back to my old school (girls one) at end of y8. i was really suprised to see german on my timestable, but i thought it’s because we have like 2 weeks until summer so… when i came back my friend (who also is polish) came to y7 (i’m y9). her english is at the same level as mine used to be in y7. what a magical information- she gets additional english (for free, provided by the school.) during a lesson. She does french as well, but she will not be doing german due to the second language policy thing. I have to do german.

There wouldn’t be any problem with that if not the fact that I don’t know any basics. as for french, I missed a whole year and now I have no idea wtf are they talking about in classes. But then we are supposed to do GCSE options (where you pick which subjects do you want to do for GCSEs) so I thought that it’s ok and no worries.

In UK, for GCSE you HAVE to do maths, english, science, pe, re and one language. My friend won’t have to do one. I got pissed off because I have a language GCSE already. I wouldn’t mind if not the fact that I’m so far behind in both languages that there’s no way I can catch up by the time we are doing our final exams! So I went to the head of languages and asked her if I have to do a GCSE from language.
‘In your case yes.’

Ok, I’m in top sets for both for some fncked up reason, on tests I get like 3/20 questions right. I spoke to my teachers and even the head mistress about moving me into year 8 classes or something, also I have requested aditional english instead of german because my english teacher keeps on saying that I should do additional english.

I tried learning at home, but I don’t understand anything.

Do you think this is fair? (me having to do another language without them helping me out) What do I do, we have options evening at school this monday, I’m really scared because I’ll definitly fail my language GCSE and I don’t want a FAIL on my record T_T!
no no no! I don’t want to learn another language.

I know Russian, Polish, English and basic Japanese! >.<

I asked them if I can do Russian, but noooo! French and German are so important in bussiness these days ~(lol, yeah right…I think Chinese and Korean are the thing.).

I know what you mean –

I was born in England, so i know english, but then we moved to spain, where the languages are spanish, catalan and french.

It was soo hard for me, i couldn’t keep up at all.

And now because in spain they don’t do GCSE’s i have to take 5 of them at the same time ans doing my Sound Engineering course.

Come on, If I can do it, so can you 😉


Nov 27

ok i know this is gonna sound kinda stupid but, i have always had a hard time with math, so my question is how/what is the best way to memorize your multiplication tables?
please no rude comments.

Everyone learns differently and has different strengths, math or otherwise. Practice makes perfect. Use anything and everything. You can get flash cards at a dollar store and/or make your own flash cards.
Here are some links that should/could be helpful (and there are more):

Nov 25

I am going into Year 9 and dont know my 7, 8, 9, 12 times tables.
I know what your probably thinking, ‘OMG she is so dull!’
So I decided today that I’m going to have to learn them so any tips?

Yes start of with the easy ones, its ok you still have time and with practice you’ll get them 🙂

You can learn them here:

On this site you can practice.

Nov 25

I’m 14 , going into my first year of High School. I went to my orientation and got my timestable.
I have the four subjects I HATE the most for the first two semesters, I’m pretty sure I can say it CAN’T get any worse -.-

The HighSchool is HUGE and I get lost easily.

Plus, I’m going into SOME courses Academicly and, UGH.
I think they put me in the Academic MATH, and I don’t even know all my time tables yet!!!!!

Is highschool going to SUCK, and be so HARD!?

High school is in large part what you make of it. If you go into it thinking it’s going to suck, it probably will. If you have a good attitude, it can be an amazing experience. Things may be tough at first as you adjust to a new school, new people, new subjects, and new teachers, but if you stay positive everything will be just fine. Don’t go into classes thinking you’ll hate them. Go into them thinking about what you can learn from them, and who you can meet in them.

Don’t worry. It won’t suck and it won’t be hard. High school has been surprisingly easy for me, and I’ve had a great time. I’m going into my senior year and I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my high school experience. Just work hard and be friendly to everyone and you will do well and school and make amazing friends and memories that will last a lifetime!

Good luck and you will be just fine 🙂

Nov 23

Maths has never been a strong subject for me and I have struggled to perhaps do what some of you is soo basic. I can add, subtract, muiltipy and divide but it takes me time to complete the sum, There have been questions which I just fold and panic on. How can I get Better and Faster? Will learnig my timestable times, off by Heart Help me improve? Jamie 28yrs
I want to be able to do maths without a caculator.

Yes, it will definitely help you to learn your tables. There will be classes at you local college to help you improve your maths, and these are generally free. Ask at the college or at you local library. good luck and don’t give up.

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