Educating my kids i need help?

presently i dont do much with my kids at home as far as making them do more educational work at home. Of course we do homework together and i motivate and encourage them and they are all doing well. I just think that they could do more qnd i would like to help them. I would just like to have an idea of where i should start ad what sort of programme i should have? I really need some advice and ideas. I mean do i do stuff even before breakfast? Please help.

Many many thanks

My kids are 6 year old boy, 8 year old boy and girl, 13 year old boy. i also have four others but they have all left shcool and three are in college and my eldest son is a prosthetic engineer.


When I first read your question I thought you were home educating. I now think they are at school and you are the supportive parent all we teachers hope for!! Are they primary age (11 and under?)

Giving them a quiet time and place to do their homework is great, be there to give assistance should they ask for it. It is best to have them explain to you what they should be doing and how, this often clears their minds and they can then progress. If they cannot explain it maybe that the teacher has not been clear in their expectations or they are not listening- usually the latter!! It is also great to be interested to see their h/work and give praise for work well done. It is better to support what they have done rather than try and get them to change anything, as far as they are concerned they have finished and they have at least done it, leave it to the teacher to correct the mistakes, they should talk to you if they think there is a problem.

As for educating them:

-read to them, with them, hear them read, ask questions about what they have read. What are characters like, how are they feeling, what do they think will happen next, why do they th-nk the author wrote in such a way etc- adjust for age.

-maths- the best way to help here is to get them using numbers in real life. Cook wit them – they can measure the quantities, great for fractions. Distances, time, money etc. Keep it all real, maths makes much more sense when it has a real context. AND NEVER CALL IT MATHS!!!! Just ask them to help you. The only thing worth practising is rehearsing timestables- 1 to 10 times 1 to 10.

Trips to museums can help for other subjects, science museums are often good if your science knowledge is not up to scratch. If it is then devise experiments to demonstrate what they are learnng in class- the internet is a great source of ideas for this.

Whatever you do, don’t let on it is school work if you can avoid it. And don’t feel like they have to do it everyday or finish. I set Maths h/work every week for a class of 9 to 11 year olds. If it is taking more than 20/25 mins then they have done enough, finished or not. The last thing you want is for home to feel like school to a child. And have fun- play is still one of the best ways to learn, be it cooking or whatever.

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